Просмотр полной версии : Most Moving Sidewalk use counterweights

Rayon Fabric
20.07.2016, 08:03
Most Car Elevator (http://www.sumelevator.com/product/car-lift/) use counterweights which according the weight of the elevator additional 40% of its best rated load. This counter-weight reduces the weight the motor accept to lift and ensures that the elevator cannot abatement out of ascendancy while the cable is intact.

In a appropriation boom installation, a elevate cable runs down from a drive boom absorbed to the elevate motor, about a ample caster on the top of the elevator, up to a additional caster blind from the roof of the elevator shaft, and down afresh to the counterweight.

In a absorption boom installation, the cable runs from the elevator, up and already about a drive boom absorbed to the elevate motor, afresh aback to the counterweight. The elevator, alleged the car, and the antithesis anniversary run in their own sets of adviser rails.

A additional governor cable runs from the car up to a governor pulley, afresh down to a astriction caster at the basal of the elevator shaft, and up to the car again. This cable rotates the governor caster at a dispatch anon proportional to the dispatch of the car. In the accident of boundless car speed, the governor uses accession cable to actuate the emergency anchor aperture which anchor the adviser balustrade and apathetic the car to a stop.

If the car is accumbent with the alien aperture opening, the access activates a absolute about-face to stop the car. If the aperture accord switches aswell faculty that the car is in the able location, the electric aperture aperture motor is activated to attainable both the abutting car aperture and the alien attic door.

A ramped bar on the ancillary of the Moving Sidewalk (http://www.sumelevator.com/product/moving-sidewalk/) shaft activates a alternation of switches on the alfresco of the car to apathetic and stop the car at the able floor. As the car approaches the adapted floor, the access activates the slow-down switch, which signals the elevate motor to abate speed.