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Asleeping inside a home that was smaller than 600 square feet, struggling to find food on the table and hot water to MUT 18 Coins bathe with. Where as the other kids were playing in the AAU circuit, McLemore was focusing on surviving.There might not have been a more interesting figure in college hoops last year.

Kansas coach Bill Self said McLemore is just scratching the surface of his potential and compared him to Ray Allen in an interview with the CBS affiliate in Cleveland. Heading into the NBA and the land of larger than life egos, it is a fair question whether or not

McLemore will be able to match up with them. He wasn't the vocal leader on the Jayhawks squad, but that was because with four other seniors to carry the torch there wasn't a need.Whether or not he has the killer instinct will most likely be irrelevant throughout his NBA career.

Most scouts agree that he has one of the best jump shots in the draft, still oozes plenty of potential, has a high ceiling and is a hard worker. At the end of the day, the way to win basketball games involves scoring as many points as possible. McLemore did that unlike any other freshman for Kansas, and will probably do the same for the

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