More realistic movement and softer control

Compared to the edition before, FIFA 18 has improved the system of players action, especially the physical engine. FIFA 17, with its bizarre physical engine,what is the safest website to buy fifa coins has created a lot of BUG. The physical of FIFA 18 is more reasonable, It won’t happen the same thing again.

And the game has improved the Dribbling system. Unlike the ineffective and tedious skill move in PES, one feature of FIFA is that the skill move is the indispensable content in the game.FIFA has sought to restore the real football game, you can’t dribbling past an opponent only by speed up. fifa coins discount code The newest edition has improved the ability to protect the ball, let you guys use skill move to break through an opponent more freely. And the game used real motion capture technology, including Cristiano Ronaldo, all his action in the game are capture by himself.

EA Sport FIFA has launched a new story mode in FIFA 17, now the second season in FIFA 18, you can playing as a rising star, and experience the life of him, including life outside the stadium, locker room, and communicate with the coach, sign up for new sponsors, interview with TV programs, interact with family and work hard to get the main position.

In this season, you can continue to be a big star on the pitch, you can also play against with Cristiano Ronaldo and exchange jersey, teammates with Neymar, and interview with Ferdinand. You will be invited to join Real Madrid in the future after the friendly match, it sounds exciting. And check cheapest place to buy fifa coins to prepare enough coins to play the game now.